The Past, Present, and Future of Ask. - ASK Apparel LLC

The Past, Present, and Future of Ask.

The Past, Present, and Future of Ask.

This is truly a FAMILY business! But, we wanted you, our readers, to learn more about this family's vision and passion for the business. So, we asked Alisha (the A in Ask) a few questions:

  1. What does Ask stand for and how did you come up with the name?

"ASK. Apparel stands for Alisha, Savannah and Kevin, which to those of you who may not know are myself, my daughter and my husband. On our first Christmas together as a family we went shopping for new ornaments and got initial ornaments and when placing them we realized our initials spelt Ask. So when we had the idea to launch our own clothing line there was no better name for it than something that included us all. We each have such a unique input into Ask, and without any one of us, it wouldn't work."

  1. How did the company get started?

“Back in 2017, I was working as an office manager for a medical office and Kevin was working as an electrician in Little Rock, we both felt a little bored and unfulfilled from our career paths, we both have creative souls that literally long to CREATE, so during one of our late night talks we kinda played around with the idea of making t-shirts to start our brand, that talk led to what equipment we would need to really make it happen, which led to talk of legal paperwork, etc and honestly, after weeks of this "talk" Kevin asked if I had ordered the equipment/materials, of course I said no, I was terrified to even start the process, what if no one liked the designs? What if we fell flat on our faces? I had literally no background in graphic design, no idea the process of cutting vinyl, screen printing, none of it, but I had one thing that made the ultimate difference, I had a husband who believed in me, in US... and he KNEW, when I had no idea that we were onto something. So I took the leap and ordered the equipment and supplies we would need and started teaching myself design. After two+ years of both of us teaching ourselves everything we know, (and some amazing youtube help along the way) here we are! Through all of my 20's I worked at a local catfish restaurant, working as a waitress (which I LOVED) but years of that had really worn on my knees, elbows, ankles and when it was time to hang up the apron, I was sad, but also excited to see what else I could do. I transitioned into office work, which was totally fine and I enjoyed, but it never fulfilled me, I was meant to create, to be with the crowd, to go go go, I am not meant to sit, lol, and with Ask I rarely do. Lol”

  1. What is most important to you for your customers to know about the company?

“The primary thing I want our customers to know is that we want you to FEEL GOOD in our clothes, we want them to not only be soft and comfy, but we want you to put it on and feel good about yourself in it. We want to provide you with that t-shirt that changes your mood, or maybe changes the mood of someone around you. Clothing is powerful, new clothes can be especially powerful, which is where Flash Friday was born. We wanted to give women the chance to do something for THEM, women, mothers especially are terrible at doing for ourselves, we do for our children, for our husband, for our friends, but rarely for ourselves, so we created Flash Friday as that one day a week where you do for YOU, and with a low price it takes the excuses out of the equation, even when money is tight you can convince yourself to do something for YOU, because its only $10. And as I said before, new clothes are powerful, when you slip on something new you get inspired, maybe its to do your hair and makeup, or maybe it's just a spring in your step, maybe it's taking an extra look at yourself in the mirror and feeling GOOD at who is looking back at you. We want to help you get all those good feelings about yourself, because at the core of Ask is self love, because loving yourself is literally the most important thing in LIFE. Another important part of Ask for me is size inclusion, it is nearly 2020 and we are way past the "beauty standard" and we KNOW that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. So we really work hard to make sure we can carry XS-4X on our site when its available because literally everyone deserves new clothes and comfy tees that they FEEL GOOD in. I could literally go on for days about my feelings on this topic because I genuinely feel so passionate about it, but we will save more of the mission of Ask for another blog.”

  1. What do you, Savannah, and Kevin like to do together in your free time? 

“Kevin, Savannah and I are music lovers, and when we have time off or take time off it is usually to go to a concert or music festival of some kind. 90% of our travel is around a concert, Kevin especially is very passionate about music, and has seen more live shows than anyone I know, and plays multiple instruments beautifully. Music for me is another tool in changing your mood, energy and is so good for the soul. When we are not traveling for music, we are usually at home without dog, the Ask mascot, Mayday. If you asked Kevin he would say that I like to work in my spare time, lol. But I am genuinely excited about Ask, what it has become, where I think it can go and who all I think we can reach. With that being said, most nights I can be found spending hours in a bubble bath, watching beauty YouTube videos, it's my absolute favorite way to wind myself down and makeup is my other passion in life, I just can't get enough.”

  1. What was your favorite memory concerning Ask in 2019? 

“My fav day at Ask in 2019 was hands down Ladies Night! We had sooooo much fun! We planned a ladies night at our store in Heber Springs, and partnered up with a few other women owned businesses, and invited women to treat themselves to a Friday night in downtown Heber with their friends, and I was honestly so blown away by the turnout! We ran amazing sales for the 2 hour event, had Sweet Treats by Mandi here with all the decadent goodies, Tabatha Langley with Scentsy with all the amazing smelling goodies and Toni Turley with Rodan+Fields giving free mini facials and it was so great to see so many female entrepreneurs in one place having an absolute blast! And what’s a Ladies Night event without games?? We had mannequin dressing races, t-shirt folding contests, and so many prizes and laughs. I am always genuinely surprised when we have a line at our door, or a full house on a ladies night, or get a thousand comments on a post, I am constantly humbled by the unwavering love and support our customers give us and will promise to always be worthy of that support.”

     6. What new endeavors can we expect to see in 2020?

“2020 is going to be so exciting! We have some huge plans to increase our customer reach, expand our brand and even launch a new one! Yes!!!!!! After two years of being asked for mens tees Kevin has decided to go for it and launch a mens line, the line will be called "Disheveled Clothing Co" and he is so excited and proud to be offering men a new option for clothing, the line will be the very same quality you know and love from Ask but with Kevin's creative energy and we are so excited to show you all! In addition to the mens line we will be expanding the offering on our website, we absolutely love our location in downtown Heber Springs, but our shop is small, and we aren't complaining! However it does limit the amount of styles and options we can carry, so the plan is to increase the items available on the website so that you get all the options! And lastly, we are super excited to be announcing the launch of Ask Apparel to the wholesale marketplace! What does this mean? It means that other boutiques across the country will have the option to purchase Ask tees to carry in their store! So if you love your Ask Apparel but hate paying the shipping, or just want to see more, talk to your favorite local boutique and tell them to be watching for Ask!”

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  • I just want to say I love ythe shirts. Everytime I put on a new t-shirt it makes my day a little brighter! I also love the “You Are” shirt because it let’s others know they are special! Thanks so much for adding a smile to my day!

    Autumn Duncan on

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