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Putting you first

Putting you first

Yep I said it, the thing we all think is so selfish and makes us bad mothers, wives, etc, but you have to! I'm going to talk self care in this blog so get ready for some feelings and a lot of "selfish" talk. Everyday we walk through life in one way or another, taking care of kids, working, cleaning, cooking, whatever you day may include, but what time of the day is for YOU? And when I say for you I mean for you and no one else, not the special time to take to give to each child, or the time you devote to your husband to keep the marriage healthy, but the time you take for yourself to keep your cup full. 

We've long been told it is selfish to think of ourselves, that the needs of others are the most important thing, but that is straight up wrong. The needs of your family and loved ones are important, and I'm going to hit the cliché...wait for it... "you can't pour from an empty cup" there, I said it and now we can move on to what that really means, you can not take care of all those that you love or give your all to the job you worked so hard for it you do not take care of yourself.

Now let's get into what self care is and what it means, because there is no recipe for self care, it's different for every single one of us, it may be waking up early to sip your coffee in silence, it make be a weekly massage, it may be getting your nails done, hair done, etc. For me its bath time! When we were house hunting, finding the best the bathtub was more important to me than what the kitchen looked like, and when I found that beautiful tub of my dreams, I knew I was home (the his and hers closets also sealed the deal lol) And a couple years ago my sweet husband mounted a tv above that blissful bathtub (using all the safest installation techniques) so that I could watch beauty videos whilst I soak and ya'll it's the happiest place on earth, when the stress starts bubbling and I'm just worn out, that bathtub heals me, and it's not the actual tub or the water or the bubbles or any one thing, it's the act of closing the door, turning on something I want to watch and sitting in silence, no one asking me questions, or needing anything of me.

Self-care is more important than ever right now, the state of the world is crazy, the virus has changed all of our lives and needs and we have to focus on staying healthy, both mentally and physically, I'd love to know what YOU do for self care? What is that thing you can do that makes all the stress and weight of the world disappear? Sound off in the comments! And as always let me know what you would like to see in future blogs!


~Alisha S.

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