ALLERY WARNING: It is highly recommended that you thoroughly wash the garments yourself before wearing them, particularly if you have any bleach, detergent, or fabric softener sensitivities or allergies. Ask Apparel, LLC is not responsible for any allergic reactions or otherwise due to bleach, dyes, detergents, or fabric softeners. (we use Clorox bleach, Purex detergent, and Bounce dryer sheets 99% of the time). The Other 1% of the time, we use other brands that you could be sensitive to or allergic to. We are not responsible for any reactions or sensitivities to the products either. Both detergents and Dryer sheets our scented with fragrance.

Occasionally, we hand Tie Dye our own garments. We use the same washing and drying procedures as the bleached items, so please wash your items before wearing in products you do not have allergies or sensitivities to! Furthermore, there is always the potential of an allergic reaction or sensitivity to the Tie Dye Dye's. So we highly recommend you thoroughly wash all items before wearing them!

If you have any doubt that washing the item yourself will NOT result in a product safe for you to wear, then we suggest not purchasing the product from us!

By purchasing any product from Ask Apparel, L.L.C. you accept and agree to these terms and conditions.